Bathtub Adventures

NO, it’s not about sex in the tub, so please get your minds out of the gutters.  It’s about what happened to me on Halloween.

I was taking a bath and had just finished shutting off the hot water.  I tried to shut off the cold water.  The faucet fell off, immediately causing my bathroom to flood.

I threw some clothes on and ran downstairs to borrow a neighbor’s cell phone to call Illinois American Water Co. to do an emergency shut down of my water.  I used a neighbor’s cell phone because my government issued cell phone is out of minutes until the 5th of November at the earliest (but that’s a whole different blog post…maybe).

But then I realize I’ve forgotten my initial bill because I’m going to need to punch in my account #….so I go back upstairs.  Yes, you guessed it…the bathroom is still flooding but now the water is beginning to spread into my hallway and bedroom… .

I call, they promise to send someone out.  I had called at about 3:15 P.M. .  It takes them a little more than 45 minutes (4:00 P.M.)  to get someone out there but it gets done.

 So I go through the rest of Halloween without water and when I get back from the All Hallow’s Eve Mass (which started at 7 P.M.), I talked to the lady who lives directly below me to apologize if my accident had started flooding HER apartment…as it had.  She told me not to worry that something like that happened every time there was an upstairs neighbor, thought not always in the bathroom… .

Later that night, ’round about 11:15 P.M., her husband , his uncle and a friend offer to use professional equipment to suck up all the water in my carpet… so of course I said “YES! THANK YOU!”  By the time they were finished, including a trip to WALMART for a pair of fuses, it was AFTER 1 A.M. Monday morning.  They’d sucked up 25 gallons of water from my apartment…but from his apartment (the one below me), they’d gotten 50 gallons for a combined total of 75 gallons!

While I’m out on Monday morning, after I wake up from three hours worth of sleep, I call my landlord to pay my rent.  They can’t take my debit card # over the phone, so when I get back from the library doing the rent payment online, I find that he maintenance guys have already started because I’d forgotten that THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SET OF KEYS and didn’t need me to be at home to let them in!

And as of sometime yesterday morning @ around 11:00 A.M. my bathroom is fixed!  YAY!

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