Belleville, Illinois: My home

I live in Belleville, Illinois.  I like living here.  I’ve lived here since September 2003.

Although I like living here, I still miss both Arizona and California where I lived previously.

What is it about Belleville, though, that makes me like it here?  I wish I knew because then I could tell…though if I told then maybe too  many new people would move to Belleville and ruin it.  😉  What a moral quandary!  It’s like the situation in Crozet, Virginia in the Mrs. Murphy Mysteries by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown.

One thing I like is Art on the Square.  It’s a nationally recognized gathering of artists. 

Another thing I like is the Annual Chili Cook-Off in October.  SIUE almost always has Texas-style chili: BEANLESS!  YAY!  I honestly don’t like beans in my chili!

A third thing I like is the Wine, Dine and Jazz Festival in June.  Not a lot of people realize that “Yes, YOU can make wine in Illinois and Missouri.”  I don’t always sample the wines on offer at the festival but I ALWAYS look.

And of course, there’s also the fact that the majority of my family, albeit on my Mom’s side of the family, lives in Illinois and Missouri.

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