I hate cold weather… .

Seriously, I hate the stuff.  I always get sick when the weather turns cold and it’s not always a cold or a flu or pneumonia.  Sometimes it’s a UTI…yuck.

I sleep under all TEN of my blankets at night, occasionally with my bathrobe on as well as a my pajamas. 


2 thoughts on “I hate cold weather… .

  1. I like cold weather. It is just apart of life. When people here complain to me about how cold it is; I say, It is Canada, love it or move south and stay there. -20F is what I call cold. +32F to -15F is what I call fun-weather. John A. Clark

  2. One of the other reasons I hate it, John, is I can’t always affords to turn my heater on in my apartment. Which is why I use the cheapest way of staying warm at night in my apartment: Every single blanket and sheet I possess and my bathrobe.

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