Cherpumple Monster Pie Cake

I read that phrase and I was like “WTF is a Cherpumple Monster Pie Cake?”  I found the answer in the same NPR article I found the phrase in.

According to the article, a Cherpumple Monster Pie Cake is a dessert compiled of an apple pie in a layer of spice cake, atop a pumpkin pie in a layer of yellow cake, atop a cherry pie in a layer of white cake bathed in cream cheese frosting

Sounds disgusting to me.  But, pardon the pun here please, excess seems to be as “American as apple pie” come Thanksgiving, even though apple pie IS NOT American…it is in fact a BRITISH import.

Seriously folks, when did this happen or has it ALWAYS been this way and if it’s always been this way, why haven’t I noticed before now?

Anyway, for the article in full, go to:


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