Reading List #Whatever Part 3

Same format as Parts 1 and 2!  This part deals with #’s 21-30.

21. January 2013 Calliope Magazine-staff.  Same publishers as ask magazine, aimed at older kids.  1 teacup (whole magazine).

22. December 2011/January 2012 Cook’s Country Magazine-staff.  Magazine for the PBS series America’s Test Kitchen.  2 teacups (whole magazine).

23. January 2013 Odyssey Magazine-staff.  Same publishers as ask and Calliope, older kids.  1 teacup (whole magazine).

24. July 2011 Southern Living Magazine-staff.  Fine food articles about peaches.  2 teacups (whole magazine).

25. May 2011 Woman’s Day Magazine-staff.  Don’t really remember anything about this one.  1-1/2 teacups (whole magazine).

26*. The Hobbit-J.R.R. Tolkien.  Prequel to LOTR. 3/4 teacup per chapter.

27. Dragon Lovers-anthology collection, names forgotten.  Four short stories or novelettes about dragons and the women who love them.  The stories are set in places as diverse as the fictional countries of Dorn and Saragond, to 12th century Wales or medieval Japan (Anna and the King of Dragons) and contemporary Santa Fe, New Mexico (Dragon Feathers).  Dragon Feathers, quite frankly, STANK. 4 teacups per story, except Dragon Feathers which I skipped.

28*. The Justice Riders-by Ken Abraham, Tim Grayem, Aaron Norris and Chuck Norris.  A Western set in the final days of the Civil War and the immediate aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination on April 20, 1865.  Includes a horrifyingly realistic description of the chaos aboard the steamship Sultana when her boiler blew. 2 teacups.

29*. Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible-Paula Deen (who else?  😉 )  What do you think?  😉  3/4 teacup.

30. January 2013 Better Homes and Gardens-staff.  Please see #25.  2 teacups (whole magazine).

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