Reading List #Whatever Part 3

Same format as Parts 1 and 2!  This part deals with #’s 21-30. 21. January 2013 Calliope Magazine-staff.  Same publishers as ask magazine, aimed at older kids.  1 teacup (whole magazine). 22. December 2011/January 2012 Cook’s Country Magazine-staff.  Magazine for the PBS series America’s Test Kitchen.  2 teacups (whole magazine). 23. January 2013 Odyssey Magazine-staff.  […]


This blog post today is a promotion of a fan fiction written by my Facebook friend Dylon Perkins. Rothterran Prime: Liberation Prologue: The sun rose slowly over the Campus Martius, the trees motioned playfully. Job stood tall and hard as an oak, the iron armor clanged softly as he adjusted his stance, and moved; the […]

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I’ve been meaning to set up some sort of occasional round-up of interesting pieces on the rest of the Internet, and with the new year, there’s no better time to start.  I’ll be posting these (hopefully consistently) every other Friday, starting today. This edition is going to go a bit…

Reading List #Whatever Part 2

This continues the list from my previous post.  This post deals with #’s 11 through 20.  The format is the same. 11*. Earth’s Children #4: The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel.  This is the travel book of the series.  It showcases the continent long trek from the Black Sea to modern-day southern France.  […]

Reading List #Whatever Part 1

This is a list of books and magazines I have either read or am still reading this month.  I will give title of book or magazine, author of book, a one, two or three sentence description of said book or magazine and a time rating.  My time rating will consist of a number of teacups, […]

Originally posted on Motivated Grammar:
I’ve been looking through some unfinished drafts of posts from last year, trying to toss some of them together into something meaningful, and I found one that was talking about the stupid Gizmodo “Hashtags are ruining English” piece from last January. (Given hashtag‘s selection as ADS Word of the Year,…